Floating Cigarette

Have you heard about Steve Fearson’s Original Floating Cigarette Routine?

Listen to what the pro’s are saying..

“It’s the best trick that I’ve seen in a long, long time!”
- Michael Ammar -


“The most magical thing I’ve seen in a long time!”
- Daryl -

“Unbelievably beautiful”
- Jonathan Pendragon -

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Did you know..

Fearson’s Hookup has been used by many professional magicians on television. Most recently by David Blaine, the star of Street Magic. He used it to levitate a leaf for natives in the jungle.

Steve Fearson’s Original Floating Cigarette Routine was featured in the new movie “Magicians” starring Alan Arkin?

Fearson’s Hookup is the secret behind the best selling tricks The Floating Glasses and Lite Flite? Those 2 tricks currently retail for over $120!

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> Perfect for close up or stage

> Float almost any lightweight object

> Can be done at any point in your show

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The Floating Cigarette Routine now comes bundled together with Steve’s famous Source manuscript.

In The Source Steve reveals the source for Invisible Thread, which you’ll need to perform this effect. It’s a secret he paid $500 for over 10 years ago. And you’ll get it absolutey free when you order now!

This is reputation making magic, take a look at what this guy has to say about it..

“Your routine has elevated me from a no-name magician here in Toronto, to a respected performer. Your floating cigarette routine has got me countless bookings, and the response has been phenomenal. Up until now I have only done levitations with the *competing product omitted* , that’s just kid’s stuff compared to yours. I can’t wait to experience the milk box levitation I really feel I owe something to you.”  - D Curran – Canada

Now you can have both the Original Floating Cigarette Routine and The Source manscript for one low price..

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