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The best time to perform a magic trick is when no one is suspecting it. The most memorable tricks I've seen, I never saw coming.

I have a friend named Stanley J Inferno who is the world's only vertical fire eater. What that means is that he doesn't tip his head back when he puts the torches into his mouth. He is very resistant to pain. Anyway, I have to give Stanley credit for creating the magic trick that fooled me worse than I've ever been fooled by any other magic trick.

The details of the trick are not important. What is important is the trick was done with a very ordinary object. Also, Stanley is not the type of guy who is always performing magic tricks.. so I got burned.

He just stopped by one day with one of those plastic puzzle balls that you can get for a quarter from a vending machine. He told me the thing was driving him nuts, but he's getting better at it. He explained to me how you throw it down on the floor to break it apart, and then you have to reassemble it one piece at a time.

He demonstrated as he spoke. He tossed the ball down and it burst apart, then he put the pieces back together. He seemed to have mastered it.

Then he asked me if I wanted to try it. Honestly, I thought to myself, "I may be getting a little old for this type of puzzle" but I took it from him and gave it a shot.

I tossed the puzzle ball to the floor. It didn't break the first time so I picked it up and threw it down again, quite a bit harder this time. "Damn!" I said, the carpet must be too soft.

Stanley said, "Let me show you" and took the ball from me. He gently flipped the ball from his fingertips just a few inches from the floor. "Not hard enough at all", I thought.. But to my surprise the ball exploded into the many pieces! "WOW! How the heck.." I was flabbergasted. Why did the ball break so easily for Stanley when I couldn't break it? I tried to express my surprise but Stanley seemed unimpressed. He calmly gathered up the pieces in his hands and extended his cupped hands towards me. I held out my hands under his so he could drop the pieces into them. He shook the pieces for a second, I could hear them rattling.

My mouth was still open as I was trying to tell him how confused I felt that the ball broke so easily for him. Just then he opened his hands. I was expecting to catch the pieces of the puzzle but instead he had..

The completed puzzle ball!

"Oh my God Stanley.. I didn't know you were doing a magic trick." - Steve Fearson

Presentation is everything.

You tell your friend that they can choose from three different movies on tape. You can use any three movies you want.

You hand them the remote control and tell them to name one of the three movies.

They simply name the movie, hit the button on the remote control, and the movie they selected begins playing!

This is a perfect trick for someone who is not a magician.. It uses natural props, just the 3 movies and your vcr.

Your friends will think you're a psychic!

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Video Vision is a free magic trick and as a special bonus the manuscript includes an alternate routine using the same gimmick.

In the second routine you display 3 movies on video which you place into a bag. You are then able to predict which movie the spectator will select from the bag!

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